Courses for 2011–2012

Fall 2011

Special Course for “Speculative Futures”

English 36: “Risk and Media” (co–taught by Bhaskar Sarkar & Bishnupriya Ghosh)

INT 94OQ: “Accidents” (freshman seminar, Greg Siegel)

Winter 2011

“MicrobeWorlds: Contemporary Pandemic Risk Media” (freshman seminar, Bishnupriya Ghosh)

English 165AC: “Risk Society” (Bishnupriya Ghosh)

English 197: “Simulation and Simulacra” (senior seminar with a special emphasis on speculative fictions and premediation, Rita Raley)

Spring 2011

“Pirates!” (freshman seminar, Bhaskar Sarkar)

Other Related Courses

Comparative Literature 35: “Making of the Modern World” (special emphasis on risk society, Wolf Kittler) [Fall 2011]

English 122 NW: “Narratives of War” (Rita Raley) [Winter 2012]

Film and Media Studies 189CT: “Media, Technology, Catastrophe” (senior seminar, Greg Siegel) [Fall 2011]

Film and Media Studies 189MG: Media and Globalization (senior seminar, Bhaskar Sarkar) [Fall 2011]

Feminist Studies 186HH: “Risk and Inequality” (Barbara Herr Harthorn) [Winter 2012]

Global and International Studies 168: “Critical Security and Terrorism Studies” (Paul Amar) [Quarter TBA]

Global and International Studies 247: “Global Governance” (Paul Amar) [Quarter TBA]

History 105: “The Atomic Age” (Patrick McCray) [Spring 2012]